Breaking the chains of ourself imposed limitations

Business is Simple! July 25, 2010

Filed under: The Knowledge you need to Succeed — Tanisha Ajokatcher @ 4:57 pm

When you go to work everyday its as is as 1,2,3. You just show up and get some work done and get paid weekly or bi-weekly. When your an Entrepreneur your business is simple but not easy. Meaning you have to put in hard work and time and dedication and consistency to see results. You must be passionate and have integrity. While personally developing these characteristics will become simple. When you go to your job whether you get results or not the pay check will come in. When in business you have to produce results in order to have the check come in. Many people do not stick around long enough to produce results, because naturally we are taught to seek instant gratification. But if you just put in an extra 2 hours a day to personally develop and help 2 times more people a day you will achieve success. Make measurable progress in measurable time. (Jim Rohn). You must start some where and sometime. Why not now. Join Me on this rewarding Journey called success.

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