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The 40/40/40 Plan July 26, 2010

Filed under: The Knowledge you need to Succeed — Tanisha Ajokatcher @ 10:59 pm

The 40/40/40 Plan! This is the Plan 95% of the people have. Working for 40 years, 40 hours a week, and then retire on 40% of what they currently make. Many people get a job after retirement. ( Working after retirement? So why call it retirement ?). Anyway, This is what we are taught to do, we’ve been taught generation after generation to follow this flawed system. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that 95% of the world struggle and the other 5% thrive. 95% of the people on this path will realize that they have spent their entire working life climbing a ladder that was leaned against the wrong building. This phenomenon has been happening through out history to people of all ages, colors, and nationalities. Wow! Is there a better system where I can retire with 100% pay plus and not put 40 years of work in? Yes it is. Start your own Business and help others start theirs. You can build an organization of like minded people who also are trying to get out of the 95%. Start moving towards the 5% now. Start living Lucrative and Abundant. Join me on this rewarding Journey called Success!

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One Response to “The 40/40/40 Plan”

  1. Walter Davis Says:

    Awesome post Tanisha. Do your thing girl. Lead as many people to success. Be ye not weary in well doing for in due season ye shall reap. To your success!

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