Breaking the chains of ourself imposed limitations

Business Tips! August 2, 2010

Filed under: World News — Tanisha Ajokatcher @ 2:51 pm

I see their neediness, desperation, and lack of an abundance mentality. They don’t care one bit about who joins their business, just as long as they join.

I was at a local Regional event for my primary opportunity , all I could here was this amateur sales person, from that table, selling to their guest. They were just spewing out all these meaningless things about the company like:

– This widely known multi billionaire endorses our company

– We are the World’s largest direct seller of….

– We have been featured in the Success From Home Magazine

– We are partners with these other big name companies

They just went on and on…

This person was committing MLM suicide. They were selling to their prospect about the company. They want to know about YOU! They see the benefits and the lifestyle that is possible, now how are they going to get there? They want to know if are you able to take them on their way to success. If they see you as an amateur sales person rather than a knowledgeable leader, they will not join you. It doesn’t matter how great the company or the compensation plan is, because a person does not join a company, they join YOU!

You start selling yourself as a leader. This is done by increasing your value and knowledge through books, tapes, courses, and seminar trainings.

Imagine you and five others woke up in the middle of the woods, and you had no idea where you were. No one knew anything about being in the woods or how to survive. Except for one person, YOU. You read books on what plants are safe to eat, how to set up snares to catch small animals for food. You also watched videos on how to make a fire, and how to find your direction when lost. You knew almost everything there was to know about being in the woods.

So without hesitation, what do you think is going to happen?

Everyone is going to follow you!

They believe you can help them get back home, safe and sound. So they are going to look to you for advice and guidance.

It’s that simple, and truly, that’s the secret to success in this business. You need to increase your knowledge and value..


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