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This is a Teaching Business August 20, 2010

Filed under: Personal Development — Tanisha Ajokatcher @ 5:34 am

People on the internet are bombarded with all these websites and people trying to sell them an opportunity. In MLM people look for leaders not a business. They look for people they trust and work with. Not just someone trying to get their money. When they find that leader they are willing to do whatever the leader has done to be successful. In my opinion if you have to sell someone your opportunity, how much of an opportunity is it. People hate to be sold and on top of that they are not going to sign up with you if your all about selling. People join People. MLM is a teaching, mentoring and developing successful habits Business. Not a selling Business. I’m glad I’m learning all this. I’m only 27 years old and with all the personal development and financial education I’m doing, I am sure to reach my goal in helping others. Join me on this rewarding Journey called Success.


One Response to “This is a Teaching Business”

  1. Nathan Isaac Says:

    I really liked this post. It definitely speaks the truth about our industry. So many people are out there selling their opportunity or product and never sell themselves as a leader. It’s very sad to see that these people do not have those skills. That’s why you don’t let just anyone into your business. They have to qualify.

    Before someone comes into my business, they need to have done one thing, read Magnetic Sponsoring. If they have not read that book, then they are not coming in. I don’t care if there is fifty people wanting in, it’s a very important rule and I stick to it.

    Great post Tanisha, I look forward to many more!

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