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What if you were to Change your way of thinking? August 28, 2010

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What if you were to Change your way of thinking? Your life will change, Your lifestyle will change. Your relationships with people will change. Your income will change. Your habits will change. The only person you can change is you. Focus on changing all those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Wake up in the morning with a PosiTive attitude. Thank God for waking you up in the morning. Kiss your spouse in the morning, tell your kids you love them dearly. Complement one of your peers. Go the extra mile to change your way of thinking.

Change what you are reading and listening too. Start to read books about positive influential people. ( Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Darren Hardy) Start listening to Powerful Successful People. ( Robert Kiyosaki, John C Maxwelln Jim Rohn) What ever you put into your mind, naturally that is what will come out. Start your change today.

So what did you like most? I love hearing your feedback, so please leave me a comment , questions, thoughts, or feedback. If you think this was valuable to you please share this post with your Twitter and FB friends. I totally appreciate it!! Thanks so much for spending time with me here today!


2 Responses to “What if you were to Change your way of thinking?”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Just had a conversation with my daughter about this exact subject and here you are to reinforce it!
    Your article was great food for thought!
    It is written…If you wish to be wise & successful then spend time in the company of wise, successful people. Learn from them and imitate what they do until it becomes part of your own nature.
    The people you listed in the article are great mentors to keep with us via books and CD’s…play sponge and see what happens.
    Be Well,

    • tanishaadjo Says:

      Yes Wendy, Katie and Jonathan are my mentors and its so great to have found them. Being around broke people only leave you broke, but being around success you will be successful.. Thanks Wendy.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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