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Why many continue to fail using social media Part 2 August 30, 2010

Filed under: Social Media — Tanisha Ajokatcher @ 8:40 pm

Many people that are pitching their businesses usually do not have a targeted market. Targeted market means the people that need or want what you have to offer. If many continue to use social media to pique their business without a targeted market they will produce minor results.

The Prospects have to see the value in you! Social Media is relevant to just that. Giving value and building relationships. If you don’t built a relationship with your prospects how will they trust you? How could they recommend you to others that are looking for solutions. When social Media is used right, business to operate on auto pilot.

So what did you like most? I love hearing your feedback, so please leave me a comment , questions, thoughts, or feedback. If you think this was valuable to you please share this post with your Twitter and FB friends. I totally appreciate it!! Thanks so much for spending time with me here today!


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