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What Makes The People Get Out Of The Rat Race? September 6, 2010

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Stop Trying to Win this Race!

Have you ever wondered or dreamed that YOU too could get out of  The Rat Race? Well for starters, those people were very sick and tired of being sick and tired. Some of them wanted to be with their families instead of stuck in traffic. Others wanted to be paid what they are worth, not what corporate America was willing to pay them. Yet others didn’t like the feeling that the rug was going to be pulled from under them at any minute. Even though they were doing outstanding work, mergers and acquisitions could eliminate their job at any minute. Some realized they needed every penny they earned just to live. There wasn’t any money left over to save for retirement. While some got to the retirement age without having any retirement savings. How about health insurance? Some had someone in their family with a preexisting condition and couldn’t risk bouncing from one insurance company to another so their employer could save a few bucks. What happened to your goals and dreams? Are they forever unreachable?

How Does All This Start?

It comes down to facing one fact and only one fact. The only person you can depend on is on the other side of the mirror. That right – YOU! Your employer could sell the company, your entire career field could be outsourced, and your spouse could die or divorce you. If there is going to be a change made, it is YOU that needs to make it. So how do you find out how to get out of this rat race? It is uncomfortable trying something new, but more uncomfortable to remain in the rat race going nowhere. When you decide there is more in life than always having to settle for the left over crumbs, that’s when it happens. What happens? The feeling inside of you that gets stronger and stronger every day until one day you can no longer hold it in. Every cell in your body is sick and tired of this rat race, so very sick and tired that a decision is made. A decision? Yes, the decision that it is your time to Rise Above The Rat Race. Continuing to repeat what you do day after day, after day, after day is unbearable. It is so unbearable that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get out of the rat race.

Start by  Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, Worlds Largest Bestselling Book, by Robert Kiyosaki

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