Breaking the chains of ourself imposed limitations

Never let doubt creep in. September 10, 2010

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Too many times, people say don’t and can’t before even trying something.  If these words come before any statement, you’re pretty much setting yourself up for failure.  Your subconscious, which runs the show in your life interprets this as a goal or task that is unattainable. Don’t and can’t brings in doubt that can affect performance.

Everyone has some false belief that they are weak in some areas of their lives.  You hear it all the time— I just can’t do math, I don’t know how to sales, and/or, I can’t speak in public.   If you think this, guess what, you’ll believe it and it will hamper your performance.

From now on, tell yourself that you’re a great public speaker and you are improving every day, you are a dedicated salesperson that’s working on becoming a top producer.  Positive affirmation is great for the subconscious.  This will keep out any doubt from blinding you from seeing your true potential.

Let me give you an example of the cost of
“DOUBT”.  I had a young woman in my organization I was extremely excited to work with.  She had all the qualities to win big and for a week or so did that.  Then she allowed the don’t and can’t to let doubt creep in.  I’m sure you all know what happened after that.  The last I heard, she was looking for investment opportunities to become wealthy fast but “NO” “Mutli-Level Schemes”, she says.   Her don’t and can’t beliefs have lead her to become negative towards an entire industry.   Ironically, this “SCHEME” she is referring to has individuals who are dedicated to succeeding, so much so that they have built an empire. She could have been “EASILY” generating hundreds if not thousands of dollars for her and her family every single month,  but that’s just not quick & easy enough for her, it has to be easier! 

Success = Hard work

Don’t let this be you
be focused and never say you don’t or can’t do something.  Never let doubt creep in, be like an “EAGLE” that can see opportunities from miles away.

Don’t hesitate, act and swoop down to grab that opportunity.

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