Breaking the chains of ourself imposed limitations

MY STORY August 2, 2010

I am a 27 years old and i’m married with 2 beautiful girls. I love shopping going out to eat, traveling, working hard for what i want and and having fun with friends and family.

I went to College for 6 years and obtained a Bachelors in Psychology degree. After obtaining this i had to find a job in Social Work. I learned in school how to work for money and stay in debt, work from check to check and spend spend spend. I know you can relate.

I realize by being a christian God does not want me to live in Poverty like College taught me too. I realized God wants me to live in abundance and grow wealthy, and allow my children to become greater than I. So I had to change my way of thinking.

In Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Conspiracy of the Rich, Who Moved My Cheese, 7 Habits of Highly effective People, Secrets of  A Millionaire Mind, Spirit Driven Success and The Richest Man in Babylon I have realized I can achieve more. God blessed me to find Network Marketing were Millionaires are made. Network Marketing is teaching how to grow step by step and live life abundantly. ( where was this before i started College). I am soaking up all the education about marketing as i did in College learning about Psychology, but this will not take me 6 years to do so and i can earn while learning and I will not have to pay back any loans and i will be debt free. It teaches me how to help people make money and achieve financial goals.

This is great, Iam excited and ready to help everyone that is looking for a change in their lives. ( allow me to teach you all that i know so you can do the same thing)

If you believe in God and believe his teaching of living abundantly, I encourage you to learn all about network marketing and grow and organization that you can hand down to your children children and become wealthy and break the cycle of poverty NOW!!!!!

MY goal is To create a positive network among people while developing a debt free environment for every person who is willing to learn and teach and work hard while applying simple, continuous, and correct activity.

ALL my mentors

John C Maxell

Robert Kiyosaki

Les Brown

Aaron Burt

Tony Robbins

Anthony Robbins

Jim Rohn

T.Harv Eker

Mike Dillard

Tavon Manker

Im escaping the Rat Race and Entering Financial Freedom. I am taking control of my life and my families life. Im creating a lucrative future for my children childrens. My goal is to help as many people get what they want, and i will get what I want by default.


2 Responses to “MY STORY”

  1. Dena-Lynn Says:

    Hi Tanisha, thanks for sharing your story. We’ve been Facebook friends for a while now and it’s great to know you a bit more 🙂 I’ve got to admire that you came to the conclusion that working for someone else is not going to give you the life that you envision for you and your family. I also was inspired by Robert Kiyosaki, many years ago, and of course Tony Robbins’ messages made a huge difference in the way I began to think and do! Sending my positive thoughts your way for your continued personal growth and success….

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