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Creating a Blog September 11, 2010

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Learn how to create a wordpress blog

-Go to http://www.wordpress.com

-Go to start a blog, themes, content, pictures

-Add content about you first, your goals and dreams and passions.  (about 3 paragraphs)

-Add your interest ( things you like to do)

-Books that you are reading add the content from there and put it on your blog. ( Recommend: Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Alchemist, The Science of getting Rich, Think and grow Rich)

-If you need any more post feel free to use mine, of course reference my blog into yours. ( I have many topics for you to choose from)

– Subscribe to my Rss and blog content

– Go to resources on my blog and purchase one of the traffic systems ( drive traffic, sponsoring, or learn to build)

-Also go to resources and listen to the  Social Media Training and Marketing ( make sure you have your pen and paper with you to take notes)

This will take you some time to do so but it will be all worth it.

Remember people are looking for solutions and service on the web and not a sale, you need to learn how to provide that for people. Promote your blog and your knowledge.

If you feel this was valuable to you please share this with your networks. facebooks, digg, twitter, myspace.

Thank you for stopping by, To your success.


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