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Find Solutions and Stop making Excuses! September 6, 2010

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See solutions takes Time and Patience and allows you to get Focused.

While excuses require no Time and Patience but you will have time for more excuses.

When your energy is focused on positive things, it is clear to any one what they need to accomplish. When you come up with a solution, people feel better about themselves and become equipped to help others in situations as well. Being solution based, you will conquer your problems and not be defeated by them. ( I love this). Your energy channels will help you grow and move forward in life and others will seek you out in there problems.

Excuses gets you no where but more problems and headaches, stress and more excuses. You will make people avoid you faster and longer. You will be lonely longer and you will put age on your life. ( Who really wants to be older?)

Solutions are the way to go. Seek them and you will find them, and you will be glad that you came up with it. Start thinking of a solution to your problem today.

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